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Lisa Lagos
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Registration # 0027031

John David Lagos 
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Registration # 0029514


1. analyn de jong - November 10, 2008

Dear Mrs. Lisa Lagos,
Hello po.I like to sell my lot in ambiong-baguio city.The lot area is 471sqm.I hope you can help me sell it.if ever you want more info.you can contact my mother in her mbl.09287292523.

Analyn de Jong

Prospero Calagan - December 29, 2016

May I know if the lot has a road right of way?

Analyn - August 20, 2017

Yes it have right of way.Its elevated so if developed wil be a stairs going to the property.If ever you are looking for property email-me @Lynsammel50@gmail.com.regards.

2. abdullah - December 11, 2008

I am looking for a house in baguio with price range from 2.5-3 million piso. Any recommendation


3. Pinoy Deal - December 18, 2008

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4. stacey - January 1, 2009

hi im looking for a 100 sq.m lot within the city

5. Phil Buzz - January 3, 2009

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6. Phil Buzz - January 3, 2009

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7. Sheril Ann Pascual - March 23, 2009

22 March 09
Baguio City

Hi Lisa,

I’m looking for a lot around 300 sq. mtrs, if you could please find me along near the city & just let me know the location. Can we have a down payment and the balance will be paid thru Pag ibig?

Thanks in advance

Ed - November 20, 2010

Hi Sheryll, I wander if you haven’t purchased a lot propertyyet. I actually have a 250 sqm for sale along Richgate subd in camp 7, along the road, many international schools ie. Monticello international School, St. Louis School, Korean international Schools, many foreign residents along the area, very good for investment, I don’t reside in the Philippines so I wanted to sell my property as soon as possible. I previously loaned it thru PAG IBIG in Baguio.

lisalagos - November 21, 2010

Hi Ed,

I wanted to know at how much per sq.m. would you be willing to sell your property so that I can offer it for sale.. And what phase? I will offer it to the many inquiries in my site. Thanks,



8. ramil cordero - April 14, 2009

Hi Lisa,
Me and my wife looking for house & lot or a townhouse located in baguio. can you help us. if possible the payment thru pag-ibig if possible. price range only 1.5 to 2 M.

9. Irene - April 16, 2009

Hi Liza,
I am interested in looking for house an lot along a jeepney lne in the city. It doesn’t have to be in the heart of the city. Or at least a lot that is ready to be
built upon. My budget is around 3M. Pls correspond to me.

10. Willy - July 5, 2009

hello there, I am interested in a residential lot in or around Baguio around 60 to 90 thousand dollars. This is for future build. Subdivision is ideal but if not feasible, then close to the city will suit us fine. I will be in Baguio (Bloomfield Hotel) 27-28 of July. Thanks

lisalagos - July 8, 2009

HI, kindly email me your celfone number so that I can contact you on date you said youll be in Bloomfield. I will show the possible lots for sale. Thanks and Il wait for your number. God bless.

Ed - November 20, 2010

250 sqm LOT FOR SALE, 8,000 PHP per square meter, Very near to the City Center, along Richgate Subdivision in Camp 7, International schools nearby ie Monticello International School, Saint Louis School in Bakakeng, Korean Schools and many foreign residents along the area. good for investment, along the road, rush sale as owner not residing in the Philippines.

11. willy - July 8, 2009

Thanks for the reply. Here is the roaming number I have, 011639085945613. Please send me you cell number too just in case you can not get a hold of me/us. We are departing Sn Francisco on the 20th and chances are, we will be in Manila on the 22nd, then another long trip to Pangasinan. Exhausting long day, that is.
At this point its all the waiting game. We would gladly hope to see you soon! Do you have an email addy that I can shoot my future email? LOL, this is too PUBLIC for me…

lisalagos - July 9, 2009

my celfone# 09209107493.hope to see you all. God bless.

12. Sonny - August 3, 2009

I am looking for condo unit Baguio, 2M budget with the same features as your earlier condo post.
Do you know one?

13. Mark Chiang - September 18, 2009

Hi Lisa,

Please to know what is the selling price for house posted on 15th September 2009.

Thanks, Rgds

14. Ashley B. - October 6, 2009

Hello Lisa,
I’m helping my parents find a house & lot or townhouse in Baguio City and would like to have a place by spring of next year. We are looking for 3 bedrooms and 2 baths,preferably in a gated community, with abundant water supply, accessible to both jeepney and taxis. Our price range is from 1M-2.5M. I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

lisalagos - October 7, 2009

Hi Ashley,

The place that is very ideal for them is at Brentwood Village, I got 3 listings there, a townhouse and 2 condo. townhouse is 4 bedroom 3 toilet and bath, at Php4M the condo has3 bedrooms 2 toilet and baths at Php3M. I posted  pictures of these listings in my site.we cannot have a house and lot at the price of P2.5M, the lowest is at Php4.5M, one ride from the City proper. But this one is very nice, very suitable for your parents. I can accomo- date you, just tell me on how we can meet or somebody I can see to show these properties. More than willing to help you Ashley. Hope to hear from you again.


Ashley B. - October 12, 2009

Hello Lisa,
Thank you for your listings. My parents need some more time to think about getting a house and lot , they are reconsidering because of our budget and the pricing of the houses. I will contact you in the future when they are ready to look again. Maraming maraming salamat for your help!

lisalagos - October 14, 2009

Hi, you are welcome, I will wait for the right time, just keep me posted. Thanks, Lisa

15. debsky - October 8, 2009

hello lisa! i have a limited budget for a house and lot within the price range of 1M – 1.5M which I will be coursing thru pag-ibig. can you help me find such a property? townhouse perhaps? with at least 2 bedrooms. Please help me. I hope that you would contact me. thanks in advance.

lisalagos - October 8, 2009

hI deb, Im sorry pero wala tayo house and lot worth the budget you said. condominium at P1.8M meron tayo na puede mi loan Pagibig and whatever short of approval pay in cash. details of this condo:  1big room with own toilet and bath, 1 maids room or a small room with own toilet and bath, sala, dining, kitchen and a veranda at the back. floor area is 49sq.m. I have a picture of this in my website. Thanks and hope to hear from you.



lisalagos - November 12, 2009

Hi Deb, my best regards, ask ko lang if you are interested to purchased a property here in Baguio City? do contact me please at my cp#09209107493. I will help you find one. Thanks,


16. marlyn Smoliner - October 13, 2009

Hi Lisa,
I’m looking for a house with a lawn/garden( we are into gardening and have a little one who needs a play area) ,lot size,300-500sqm.,floor size atleast 150-180sqm, 2-3 bedrooms. not older than 10years. not in a congested area please, gated community is fine. we dont’ need to be close to the city center. our budget is from 4-7.5m php.
Thanks and looking forward.

lisalagos - October 14, 2009

Hi Marlyn, I will send you pictures of your required property. give me until next week, due to the strong typhoon, there are many acsess road that were not yet passable.still on a clearing operation.Rest assured I will give you the best.Thanks and I will keep in touch.


17. marlyn Smoliner - October 15, 2009

Thanks a lot Lisa

18. Allan - December 4, 2009

hi lisa,

my family is looking for a town house in baguio,saw the pics in this site,look okay but im not sure if still available.
can you send me more pics of available town houses.thanks
currently, we are working abroad and our plan is to own a property there then we’ll lease it and then eventually when we decide to retire,we’ll use it.

lisalagos - December 11, 2009

Hi, Im Sorry for my late reply, I was sick the past few days…About the townhouse, Yes it is still up for sale, I will send you more pictures of this unit on Monday, you know about your plan of having it rented, this is the best place for you because its inside the City, very near to the church, groceries and parks.And also very secured with 24 hour security, Actually many units here are being rented out on a daily basis at P3500 per day rate.I hope you can decide on this unit the soonest possible time because it is the only unit for sale. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon, God bless


19. Carlo Gragasin - January 28, 2010

hi lisa, i would like to seek ur help in selling our lot in suello village, marcos hway baguio city. it is a 200 sqm flat land, along the road, a titled lot. we are selling it at 1.8 million but still negotiable. we have a design and build team, we could help those planning to construct a house here – with a budget of 1million we can maximize their budget and be able to construct a bungalow house with full amenities included. if you could refer our lot to all your connections, you could contact me in my mobile no 09212551090


20. Alexander - February 10, 2010

Hello Lisa,

I am looking for selling my house in Baguio City. Please contact me at alex_drillz88@yahoo.com. I will send you the details.

Thank you.

21. carmeli acosta - April 21, 2010

Hi liza can you help me looking a lot in baguio how about suello baguio city how much is per sqm you may email me at carmeli_acosta@yahoo.com

22. Jackie - July 15, 2010

ate Lisa! I hope you remember me! Jacqueline De Vera here. Please contact me. I would just want to ask about the lot I bought from you. We want to sell it na lang sana.
email add:

23. Perla Gardner - October 25, 2010

I am selling a house & lot in Baguio City. It has a total area of 359 sq mt. House area am not sure but it is a 2 storey. The first floor has 3 bedrooms 1 store room and a bathroom and a garage. the top floor 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a garage. The property has clean documentations (not tied up to the bank)we have all of it in hand, all taxes are paid up to date receipts are intact. Fine furnitures are included on the sale; there’s wine curio, wine bar, living room set, entertainment cabinets, china cabinet (these are all hardwood). Our asking price is 3.6M or OBO. Pictures are available upon request contact # 01319-400-7625 or email me preciousbeads203@aol.com

24. irene segura - November 20, 2010

hi lisa,

we have a newly built property in Shangrila Village. Please take a look if you are interested to list it in the market. Below is a brief description:
Very elegant brand-new 2 storey – 3,000 sq. ft. open concept home with impressive cathedral ceilings and gleaming granite tile floors. Huge master BR with a contemporary master bathroom and walk-in closet. This property sits on 354 sqm and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and abundant storage space. Real hardwood pine floors on all bedrooms and family room which can also be converted into another bedroom. Kitchen has granite countertops and backsplash tiles. The kitchen also features a breakfast bar decorated with sparkling glass tiles. This home has a tiled front porch and decks in both living and bedrooms to enjoy the panoramic views that Baguio is famous for. This property has also a separate guest suite complete with a kitchenette and living room and has its own private entrance that can be rented for additional income. Added value of a big sideyard ideal for garden-lovers. Garage has a mezanine for maid or driver’s quarters.

Irene and Jun Segura
#15 Sherpa St, Shangrila Village
Baguio City
(74) 445-2030

25. marlene dignos - December 2, 2010

hello po, im marlene i would like to sell my lot located in calero lilo-an cebu city,the lot area is 185 sqr.mtr.and sell for 2,700 per sqr.mtr. with clean title.the lot owner will accept a half DP and the remaining bal. thru pag-ibig.for interested buyer pls. contact at this no.#(032)2323803/09266914443 or email:wildflower3220@yahoo.com .i hope u like the property……tnx..

26. inbal - January 16, 2011


We have 2 apartments + 2 parking at the St. Francis Shangri-La Place in Mandaluyong
Tower 2; Podium 1, 1 Bedroom, 57 sq.m. + 12.5 sq.m.
Tower 1; Podium 1, 1 Bedroom, 59.5 sq.m. + 12.5 sq.m.
Please advice what is the Market price since we want to cell them.


27. Ohrelle Depusoy - January 18, 2011

Hi Ms. Lisa

Please help us sell our property in Shangrila Village in asin rd, Baguio. It is 240 sq. m.
Please contact me thru 09164951244. Thanks!

28. Sebastian - February 5, 2011


I am looking for a house in baguio city area with price range from 1-1.5 million piso. Any recommendation


29. abbie - February 9, 2011

Hi Lisa ,

We have a property in Baguio , apartment type unit along T. Alonzo , Concrete , around 32sqm, rush sale sana , kahit PhP1M , tittled …

you can email me at casaalfonsovillasocorro@gmail.com

thanks ,

30. inbal - February 9, 2011

Hi Lisa,

I tried to contact with you on phone not successfully, We have 2 apartments + 2 parking at the St. Francis Shangri-La Place in Mandaluyong

Tower 2; Podium 1, 1 Bedroom, 57 sq.m. + 12.5 sq.m

Tower 1; Podium 1, 1 Bedroom, 59.5 sq.m. + 12.5 sq.m

Please advice what is the Market price since we want to sell them

I will appreciate if you can estimate the Market price and we will provide you our contact person accordingly.



lisalagos - February 10, 2011

Hi Inbal, Ok, I will be in Manila by next week and I will update you. Thanks, Lisa

31. corleto golris lazaga - March 8, 2011

hello po nais ko po sana malaman kong mayron po financing mga range 1M na house in lot maski sa town house po .

32. Victoria - May 15, 2011

Hi. Do you know prospective Baguio condo buyers… 1 and 2 bedroom units…units are sold at 1.8 to 2.7 million pesos only… condo compound has swimming pools, spa, jacuzzi, etc….
even the down payment can be done on installment basis. Inhouse, bank and pag-ibig financing are also available.

33. Vic - May 15, 2011

Hi. Do you know prospective Baguio condo buyers or those looking fr vacation or retirement places? there are 1 and 2 bedroom units…units are sold at 1.8 to 2.7 million pesos only… condo compound has swimming pools, spa, jacuzzi, etc….
even the down payment can be done on installment basis. Inhouse, bank and pag-ibig financing are also available.

34. lot finder - November 5, 2011

looking for a lot 1500sqm in baguio…outside cbd… budget is 3k/sqm. thanks.

Alex - November 14, 2012

we have 5.5 hectares for sale in baguio at tam awan village over looking at strawberry farm 3k per sqm.

35. Gilbert Larson - June 16, 2012

Could you send me a listing of all the available houses/lots you have for Sale in the South Drive area,

You can also reach me at 0916-4949732

Thank You,


36. jasmin ramos - October 10, 2012

I’m looking for a lot for sale near city proper in baguio atleast
150sq.m, 5000k/sq.m & house construction 22000k/sq.m high end finish

e-mail me at; sexigal0906@gmail.com

37. Roberto Dizo - December 2, 2012

Hi Lisa,

Hi, I grew and studied in baguio but currently working here in Manila. We have been renting in City Camp eversince. Can you help me locate a house that is for sale and will course thru pag-ibig near the city proper. Our Budget would be 1M to 2M.

Thank in advance.

38. nympha alano - March 29, 2013

am looking for buyers for my 1200sqm land in baguio.adjacent to npc in marcos hiway,good investment..please help

39. Linda delapena - April 7, 2013

Hi Lisa,
I am looking for a house and lot in Bagiuo. My price is from 1 to 1.5M Phillipine peso. I wanted to do it thru PAG IBIG. Can you please help me. If you want to get in touch with me my e-mail address is mariadp58@hotmail.com and my cellphone number is 204 9639555. Thanks a lot. God Bless


40. jung ho zho - July 2, 2013

Hello Lisa! I’m Mr. Jung Ho Zho from Seoul, Korea and I’d like to start a business in the Philippines. I hope you can help me find a place for my future office in Manila and Baguio. Please email me at jhzho@yahoo.com or add me at facebook with the same account. I have many questions about doign business in your country. Right now I’m running an English Language School here. Thanks.

41. jeri - August 8, 2013

hello maam..ihanap mo naman ako ng lessee sa property ko.i have 2 buildings available for long term rent/lease..one is a 4-storey building located at tam-awan, pinsao proper and the other one is a 6-storey building located at dominican. both are good for a small school..
09267330261-my contact number

lisalagos - August 8, 2013

Ok po, will try my best to give you a renter, will give you a call tomorrow.thanks, Lisa

Sent from my iPad

42. Hanrhee Cuta - October 18, 2013

Hello ma’am,
can you find me a buyer for my lot located in ambiong central..138 sq meters, price is very affordable and negotiable..very nice spot beside the main provincial road..no risk of landslide or whatever because its flat terrain..my number is +639198846358 or email andrinuvski@hotmail.com..tnx

43. Alexander - January 26, 2014

Hello Lisa,

I have a 5 storey building with lot for Sale. 300 sq. Meter. Any body Interested!!. My email is alex_drillz88@yahoo.com
2.5 million. Can be negotiable. Email me back. It is a full furnished house building. 3 bedroom.

44. Rod Taipan - February 17, 2014

Hi Lisa,

I have a lot located at Shangri-la subdivision, 240sqm, and would like to sell. Asking price is PhP 10,000.00/sqm. Could you please find me a buyer and also let me know how much is the cost to sell the lot.
My email is rtaipan@yahoo.com.

Thank you.
Rod Taipan

45. Gina - June 13, 2014

Dear ms. Lisa iam an interested buyer of the condos seen at your website.. Can we see the place tomorrow?

46. fredelito alvarado - March 2, 2015

i’m interested in either of these lots:

Lots for Sale, Woodsville, Camp 7, Baguio City November 5, 2014
Posted by lisalagos in Baguio, Baguio Lots.
Tags: Baguio, Baguio City, Camp 7

* 162 and 165 square meters adjoining lots

* Inside a gated, guarded and quiet community

* No water problems

* Php 9,000 per square meter

are they sold or not?

God bless.

47. rose - March 27, 2015

Hi maam Lisa. I am looking for a house and lot with 3 bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath in a 100sqm lot. Preferably a rent- to-own one. Thanks!

48. Rash - July 18, 2015

Looking for house and lot near city budget 1m to 2.5 m pls advice

49. hanry - July 18, 2015

Im selling a newly built 2 unit house in ambiong..along main road..if interested pls email andrinuvski@hotmail.com..

50. Willy baybayan - July 20, 2015

What is the square footage of the property and also the house itself. How many bedrooms and bathrooms. Any picture available? How much is the house going for?

Thank you,

51. Malou Carranza - September 7, 2015

Hi Lisa … I have a lot in Pines Subdivision (Zarate subdivision) at Balacbac. I want to sell it. Can you help? Malou

52. Eve - September 7, 2016

This may be a long shot but are there any condos in manila for 1m or am I 10 years too late?

lisalagos - September 7, 2016

Hi Eve – the best value condo I can give is about Php2.5M for a 1 bedroom unit which will be delivered on 2021.

53. victor lee - March 15, 2017

I would like to sell my 3 storey building in Baguio city, Please help, Thanks

lisalagos - March 15, 2017

Please text or call me so we discuss about your property sir.Thanks

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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