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Baguio City Subdivision Lots March 25, 2008

Posted by lisalagos in Baguio, Baguio Lots.
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1. ms dyne - April 1, 2008


I would like to know the exac locationand how much would this cost?are the papers ready?pls sen any feedback or info on my email addr.ill wait..

I’m really interested.asap

ms dyne

2. caroline de guzman - April 11, 2008

where is the location and how much?

3. Rocel dela cruz - April 21, 2008

what’s the location and how much does it cost per sq.m? Do you have a recent survey?.I bought a lot thay says 333sq.m on the title only to find out it’s actually 269 sq.m after I paid an engineer to do a survey for me.. The seller doesn’t want to give me back the money. I hope all sellers are honest so that all buyers will get their money’s worth. I just also wish that it is the realtor or the agents responsibility to make sure na tama yung sukat ng ibenebenta nila.

4. Zahin - April 23, 2008

Saan po ito and how much per square meter?

5. Luz - May 21, 2008

Please send me your property listing in Baguio City for house and lot, subdivision lot, commercial. Thanks, Luz

6. Minda Lee - May 26, 2008

Hi Lisa,
I am Mrs Lee from Singapore and very much interested in buying one property in Baguio. Can you pls tell me where is this place that you advertised how many sqm and how much per sqm. How far ist it frm the city. Pls provide me with more info.
Salamat po.

7. albert abuan - July 29, 2008

hi liza,

im working in middle east and very interested in buying a property in baguio city. kindly send me property listing (house and lot, town house or lot only) together with price and other details.

thank you.


8. joseph leal - August 24, 2008

where is the exact location, it is ready now?what about the papers?how much is the price per sqm?pls send me more info. thanks

9. mark david - September 5, 2008

wat is the smallest cut? how much is per sqm?

10. Leizl Mosuela - November 7, 2008

Hi Lisa,

Greetings! hope your ok there. I just want to ask how much is the per sqm and where is the exact location in baguio. Because me and my partner are interested to buy properties in baguio. Thanks a lot and God bless…

11. nora palasi - December 14, 2008

can u please send me some available house and lot for sale,apartment for sale, or any oyther resedential houses available in baguio city or in trinidad. the price is from p2.m to p5m. which is covered by real state company.thank you

12. jed - December 29, 2008


Please kindly email information where is the exact location. What is the smallest cut? How much is per sqm? How about the papers? Is there any other available lot for sale? Please kindly email also. Thank you.

13. Jenny - January 19, 2009

Where is it located, How much per sq-meter, How big is the lot, How far is it from downtown etc. Please give more details. Map would be a great help.

14. Russel - June 16, 2009

May i know where this lot located? how much per sq-meter? what are the cuts of this lot? pls sent me an e-mail the details of this lot. tnx

lisalagos - June 17, 2009

Hi, located in Amparo heights Camp7. price at P7000/sq.m sizes from 148sq.m up. can be in house financing at 30% downpayment and balance payable in 1 year 0 interest.2 to 5 yrs to pay at 18% int per annum.Thanks

15. alfred t. vergel de dios (cel no.09174925479) - June 18, 2009

Can you help me sell my residential lot in Richview Square,in Bakakeng Baguio City in Phase 2 Lot 10 Blk 5 ,192 sq. meters titled.Asking price is 5000 pesos/sq. meters sagot na ng buyer yung transfer and other fees.thanks and hope you can help me.

lisalagos - June 18, 2009

Hi, Yes, I will help you sell your lot. your price is at P5000/sq.m. net. Sir, are you from Manila? I will have a tripping on Saturday to check the location of your lot. Thanks and I will keep in touch.God bless.

lisalagos - June 18, 2009

Bale ang sagot mo Sir ay yong BIR fees and notarial fees. how about the brokers fee po, do I need to add to your desired price per sq.m?Thanks

alfred t. vergel de dios (cel no.09174925479) - June 18, 2009

Thanks for your quick response sa price ko bahala ka ng magdagdag kasi ganun din yung price nung bilhin ko yung lupa way back nung 2002 pa sa akin pa yung gastos para ma transfer yung title kaya masyado na akong lugi kung mababawasan pa .Alam ko naman ang presyo ngayon sa richview more than 6000pesos/sq. meter ngayon kilangan ko lang ng cash kaya ko ibinebenta.
thanks uli

lisalagos - June 22, 2009

Cge pala ako na ang bahala. may tripping ako sa Wednesday. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

alfred t. vergel de dios (cel no.09174925479) - June 22, 2009

ok thanks

16. leht natividad - January 23, 2010

hi, I’m leht and hoping you could help me, we have a house and lot in Baguio city , its 250+ square meter with 2 houses standing on it, (1) two story and a bungalow type and still has open space , its a corner lot with a great view,its in #42 honeymoon road ,(the lot no. was change and i can’t remember if its 146 or 149 now) near st. Louis university and city market, you could actually walk going to that school and to the market..we bought it in 1991 because we transferred there and now nobody in our family lives there so we decided to sell the house but we have caretakers there and some rooms are being rented, the house was only rewarded to the later owners so the papers documented as deed of sale was only a power of attorney name to my mother, i hope you could take a look at our house and help me put a price on our house and what to do with the paper works…hoping for your reply soon, my number is +639228566793

17. ronald guinto - November 17, 2010

hi this is ronald i would like to know the location, price per sq. meter and if you have anything from 500, 1000 sq. meter lot area and how far from town are located?

18. constancia pulgao - January 27, 2011

hi good morning kindly email me where is the exact location in baguio, and also the price per sq.meter for bungalow type house. or is their any house and lot for sale.

19. Ace - August 14, 2011

Hi Lisa,

Im from Manila and am interested on Houses Near SLU Bakakeng Campus or proximity. Me and my wife are planning to buy a lot there and build a house for the kids to stay while studying and to serve as vacation house for the family.

Can you pls. pm some listing of lots or even with house na that you can recommend. has to have clear title.

Thanks. God bless.

20. Billy G Catapang - July 26, 2014

Hi Lisa my name is Billy. Do you have available lot from 150 sqm to 200 sqm. my e-mail ad is bcatapang@rrcarch.com thanks

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